Eye In The Sky

Since the London Eye wheel – the giant amusement construction was built, every time I tried to get to was a disaster, because of the crowd. In a rainy day I found out there is a fast track option, thus I bought a ticket and got in, having more time for photography. In the gondola I raised my head, starring up to the wheel through the glass covered by rainy drops. The view was amazing!

Award-winning series – Advertising/Architecture Categories – Prix de la Photographie, Paris – 2017

Each photo is limited edition of 30 + 2 AP, printed on Aluminium Dibond and limited edition of 70 + 2 AP on Giclee Fine Art Paper.

Eye In The Sky 1 - London, England

Eye In The Sky 1

Eye In The Sky 2 - London, England

Eye In The Sky 2

Eye In The Sky 3 - London, England

Eye In The Sky 3


Printing Media and Size:

Aluminium Dibond
– 60 x 40 in (152 x 101 cm)
– 36 x 24 in (91 x 61 cm)

Giclee Fine Art Paper
– 24 x 16 in (61 x 40.5 cm)

Frame: For wall mounting
Worldwide: Available for sell and ship
Price: The price is unique for every photo and it is on request


With every purchase the customer will get а Certificate of Authenticity and my catalogue “Strings Of My Art” published by Artbox Publish for free. It contains 18 photos with size, media information as well as some author’s details.