Night and Light Painting

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View my fine art, architecture, landscape, travel, street photos, separated as series or single photos. You can also see my some experiments with light painting and night photography.

  • St. Bartholomew’s Church burial ground Angel
    St. Bartholomew’s Church burial ground, Horley, Surrey, UK In September, 2012 on my way back from a pub, heading to my hotel nearby, I took a shortcut passing through the St. Bartholomew’s Church burial ground/Horley, Surrey, UK/. It was about midnight and there was a fool moon lighting the grave stones and monuments. They were looking like hundred of ghosts. It was something out of this world, a little bit scary and creeping, a little bit exiting and heart beating. I found out, it is a great scene for photos, but I had no taken my camera. Then I promised myself, someday I will return back. In November, 2016, I had to change my flights at London Gatwick Airport, so I booked the same hotel and even the lack of a moon light, here is the result.