• Depth - City of Arts and Sciences, series 2018
    City of Arts and Sciences, Valencia, Spain - designed by Santiago Calatrava. Images are focused to the main architecture objects and showing my different point of view.
  • London Eye - London, UK
    Since London Eye was built, every time I tried to get to was a disaster. In 2015, I found out there is a short track option, thus I bought a ticket without losing time and I got in, taking much more time for photography.
  • St. Bartholomew’s Church burial ground Angel
    St. Bartholomew’s Church burial ground, Horley, Surrey, UK In September, 2012 on my way back from a pub, heading to my hotel nearby, I took a shortcut passing through the St. Bartholomew’s Church burial ground/Horley, Surrey, UK/. It was about midnight and there was a fool moon lighting the grave stones and monuments. They were looking like hundred of ghosts. It was something out of this world, a little bit scary and creeping, a little bit exiting and heart beating. I found out, it is a great scene for photos, but I had no taken my camera. Then I promised myself, someday I will return back. In November, 2016, I had to change my flights at London Gatwick Airport, so I booked the same hotel and even the lack of a moon light, here is the result.
  • Barcelona Torre Jaume I
    Constructions like cranes and towers taken in Valencia and Barcelona.
  • Roads and ways to Kriaritsi Beach
    In the summer of 2008 while looking for a beach along the Sithonia peninsula/Chalkidiki/ coastline, the author came across a very strange landscape, all streaked with dozens of concrete, asphalt and tarmac roads. “Most of them ended abruptly on the top of some hill in the middle of nowhere. I tried to take the next road, but each time the result was the same. I began to wonder whether that was the best way to reach my desired location. Eventually, after a great deal of wandering I found my beach. All this reminds me of life – we set goals and take different paths ...”